Make the right 10GBase-T cabling choices for Cisco switches

April 29, 2013
Recent technical brief examines 10GBase-T cabling choices for Cisco switches.

A recent technical brief from Cisco notes that, since 10GBase-T operates at a higher frequency and with more complex modulation than previous generations of Ethernet, installers must be sure to pay close attention to their cabling plant to make sure that it will support the technology.

The paper examines how, while installed Category 6 cabling may also support 10GBase-T, installers should evaluate any Cat 6 installation to verify that it will support the application.

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10GBase-T equipment availability and the future of copper media

The brief also centers on how the 4900 and 6500 Series of Cisco Catalyst switches and Nexus 2200 fabric extenders work in conjunction with the company' s Nexus 5500 Series switches to support the 10GBase-T infrastructure that exists today. The discussion also reviews key elements of Category 6A cabling systems developed specifically to support 10GBase-T operation.

View/Download the technical brief here.

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