Two new 10G UTP network cables

May 6, 2013
Hitachi Cable America has introduces a Category 6A cable to support 100-m 10G channels and a Category 6 cable for 90 meters of 10G.

Hitachi Cable America recently introduced two unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) network cables designed to support copper-based 10-Gbit Ethernet transmission. The company emphasizes both cables’ small outside diameter and explains that users may find one or the other appropriate for their needs depending on the 10G link lengths that must be supported.

The 10G RD is a “highly enhanced Category 6 cable,” Hitachi Cable America explains, that delivers “guaranteed 10-Gigabit Ethernet support up to 90 meters in a channel configuration.” The cable exceeds the alien-crosstalk performance requirements necessary for effective 10G throughput, the company notes. Its 0.29-inch outside diameter allows for a greater number of cables to be installed in a conduit when compared to other 10G-capable cables, Hitachi Cable America adds.

“The 10G RD is an unshielded cable and therefore does not require the bonding associated with shielded cables,” the company notes.

Also new from Hitachi Cable America is the Supra 10G, a Category 6A UTP cable with a 0.32-inch outside diameter that has been verified by Underwriters Laboratories to the TIA-568-C.2 Category 6A specifications, the company says. “The Supra 10G will accommodate 10-Gigabit Ethernet up to the maximum distance identified in the standard, 100 meters in a channel configuration,” Hitachi Cable America says. “The Supra 10G is fully compatible with all component-compliant Category 6A connectivity.”

Both cables, when used as part of Hitachi Cable certified installations, can be covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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