CommScope seconds CCCA’s negative assessment of offshore Cat 6 copper patch cords

According to CCCA study, patch cords produced offshore by unknown companies have 85% failure rate.

Cabling infrastructure supplier CommScope, Inc. announced that it "commends and supports" the recent study conducted by the Communications Cable and Connectivity Association (CCCA) on electrical performance testing of Category 6 copper patch cords.

According to the study, the CCCA discovered an 85% failure rate in patch cords produced offshore by companies who are largely unknown in North America. A second, large sample set of Category 6 copper patch cords produced by multiple, well-recognized manufacturers, like CommScope, was also tested and showed 0% failure rate.

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None of the failing products was identified as using independent, third party testing laboratories to verify quality. Patch cord testing and verification programs are available from leading independent testing agencies and generally provide a level of quality assurance to buyers.

“CommScope always has stood behind its tremendous research and development teams with their efforts to design and manufacture quality copper patch cords that will serve our customers for years to come,” comments Mike Werner, director of product management, CommScope. “CommScope is proud to provide high performance copper network infrastructure solutions for next-generation enterprise networks. We proudly support the CCCA and the results of its study.”

CCCA’s patch cord testing program follows the communications cable testing program conducted in 2008 and 2009, which uncovered a serious fire safety hazard with non-compliant copper data communications cable imported into North America.

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