UL issues warning about ByteCC Cat 6 plenum cable

Underwriters Laboratories says the cable fraudulently uses the UL mark and does not contain required flame retardants.


Apparently there’s a bad egg for sale on NewEgg.

On March 21 Underwriters Laboratories (UL) issued a public notice warning consumers about a communications cable that “bears a counterfeit UL Mark for the United States and may pose a hazard.” The cable’s jacket and packaging identify it by the brand name ByteCC and claim Cat 6 as well as plenum ratings, but the notice from UL states, “This communications cable is missing required flame retardants. This may cause an increased risk of fire.”


The cable is known to be sold at newegg.com, UL further stated, and may have been sold elsewhere too.

The images on this page are taken from UL’s public notice, and may be difficult to read. The packaging (box) identifies the cable as Category 6 Plenum Solid Ethernet Cable, UL Type CMP. The box also states the cable is 23AWG/2-pair, with a plenum (CMP) jacket, solid conductors, 400-MHz bandwidth.


The box further claims UL Number E328429. A search of UL’s Online Certifications Directory shows that certification number does indeed exist, and is assigned to communications cables from Nantong Lianxin Wire and Cable Co. Ltd.

You can see UL’s complete public notice here.

You can access UL’s Online Certifications Directory here.

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