OFS unveils AllWave One single-mode fiber

March 11, 2014
Upgraded "all-in-one fiber" features optimized bending with low loss for FTTx, metro, backhaul and long haul applications.

OFS has introduced its AllWave One Zero Water Peak (ZWP) single-mode optical fiber, billed as "a full-spectrum fiber that bends to network demands while lowering attenuation across the optical spectrum to help reduce overall costs and improve network reliability."

Designed and manufactured by OFS, the new AllWave One fiber provides reliable performance that the company says is superior to both the ITU-T G.652.D and G.657.A1 recommendations. With a composition of high purity synthetic silica throughout the core and cladding, the AllWave One fiber is especially designed for mechanical reliability and stable and permanent low loss. The AllWave One fiber is manufactured using OFS’ patented ZWP fiber manufacturing process, which eliminates hydrogen-aging defects and provides a 50% increase in usable spectrum compared to G.652.A and G.652.B fiber. The AllWave One fiber also features OFS’ high performance D-Lux Ultra Coating for excellent environmental protection and long-term reliability. This robust coating system protects the fiber, provides excellent microbend performance even at low temperatures, and can be easily removed for splicing and connectorization.

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OFS says the AllWave One fiber improves performance for optical transmission systems operating over any part of the wavelength range from 1260 nm to 1625 nm, compared to conventional ITU-T G.652.D fiber. Further, the company says the new AllWave One fiber offers exceptional performance and benefits beyond the existing AllWave fiber products, including a very low 0.18 dB/km attenuation specification at 1550 nm, a 40% smaller minimum bend radius, a 67% lower bend loss and a 33% improved polarization mode dispersion (PMD) link design value. The company says the fiber's bending performance is 33% better, with an attenuation performance 15% better, than the previouis AllWave+ fiber in the S-, C-, and L-bands. Like the AllWave fiber and the AllWave+ fiber, AllWave One fiber intermixes seamlessly with the installed base of single-mode fibers, notes OFS, having a nominal mode field diameter of 9.2 micrometers to enable seamless splicing and faster testing and network turn-up.

“OFS developed and is offering AllWave One fiber in response to customer needs for supporting more FTTx, metro, backhaul, and long haul applications that use longer bend sensitive wavelengths in outside plant cables and that need extended reach,” says Pierre Marty, vice president of global marketing and sales for OFS. Marty adds, “With its very low attenuation, lower bending loss, improved PMD performance and complete compatibility with conventional G.652.D fibers, the AllWave One fiber offers dramatically improved performance in almost every characteristic over conventional single-mode fiber. The result is that AllWave One fiber can help service providers reduce overall network costs, help make cables and enclosures smaller and easier to install, while helping to improve network reliability and performance.”

The AllWave One fiber will be presented this week in San Francisco at OFC 2014 (March 9-11) in OFS's booth #4153.

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