Superior Essex achieves 98-percent landfill waste diversion

The cable manufacturer’s Hoisington, KS plant recycled or reused more than 4 million pounds of waste in 2013.

The Hoisington, Kansas copper data-cable manufacturing facility of Superior Essex achieved a 98-percent landfill waste diversion rate for 2013, the company announced, describing the accomplishment as “an industry-leading environmental milestone for the cable-manufacturing industry.” As a result of the Hoisington plant’s sustainability practices, more than 4 million pounds of waste were recycled or reused last year instead of being sent to a landfill.

The company explained, “Landfill waste diversion, defined as the prevention and reduction of generated waste through source reduction, recycling, reuse or composting, has been characterized as one of the best ways manufacturing companies can demonstrate genuine environmental responsibility.”

While announcing this environmental milestone, Superior Essex also announced that all its communications cable products are fully compliant with the RoHS 2 Directive and the REACH restricted-substances list. RoHS—Restriction on Hazardous Substances—and REACH are directives adopted by the European Union that aim to prevent the use of certain hazardous substances in manufactured products. While compliance with RoHS 2 and REACH are not required under United States or Canadian law, these directives are being used by North American agencies and companies to ensure environmental standards in the products they buy, Superior Essex stated.

“This achievement in landfill waste diversion is an example of the high goals we have set for ourselves in environmental stewardship,” commented Lindsay Allen, vice president of marketing for Superior Essex International LP. “It is important to Superior Essex that we not only improve our sustainability performance each year, but that we also achieve performance levels that are considered world-class for any manufacturing industry.”

Superior Essex has produced an Environmental Brochure. You can request a copy of that brochure via email here.

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