2-hour fire-resistive cables certify to UL 2196

Comtran Cable’s VITALink cable recently recertified to the new UL 2196 guidelines for 2-hour fire resistivity.

Comtran Cable’s VITALink cable has recertified to the new UL 2196 guidelines for fire-resistive and circuit integrity (CI) cables. The UL 2196 guidelines were updated in May 2014. Comtran’s VITALink cables maintain a riser (FPLR) rating. The cable “is designed to survive for two hours in burning infrastructure while being fully operational in order for safe evacuation of building occupants,” the company said when announcing the cable’s recertification to the guidelines. “This cable is designed to support critical systems such as emergency voice-alarm communication smoke/fire alarm systems (EVAC), fireman’s telephone and area-of-refuge communication systems, and visible notification appliances.”

The shielded version of the VITALink cable is UL 1424 listed FPLR for power-limited fire alarm circuits, and is UL certified to UL 2196 two-hour fire rating for use in FHIT system 40, the company added.

These cables are commonly used in applications such as manufacturing, commercial and industrial environments as well as colleges, high-rise buildings, hotels, airports, stadiums, healthcare facilities, and tunnels and subways.

Additionally, Comtran says the VITALink cables are certified to the following hardware: Allied Tube and Conduit Co.’s three-fourths-inch, one-inch, one-and-one-fourths-inch EMT “E-Z Pull” conduit; and Thomas and Betts’s three-fourths-inch, one-inch, and one-and-one-fourths-inch Steel Compression Couplings.

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