Cabling supplier donating portion of sales to help veterans with PTSD, other hardships

CableOrganizer is allowing customers to opt-in and have $1 of their order donated to Service Dogs 4 Servicemen.

CableOrganizer recently announced that throughout the month of May, it is partnering with the organization Service Dogs 4 Servicemen (SD4SM). “During the entire month of May, every order placed at will include an opt-in feature that authorizes CableOrganizer to donate one dollar to SD4SM at zero cost to the consumer,” CableOrganizer explained. “While this initiative is anticipated to provide notable financial support to the organization, the main goal is to enlighten consumers about SD4SM and other worth initiatives doing their part to help veterans persevere through daily struggles,” the company continued.

Through SD4SM’s Hero Project, veterans in South Florida are paired with retired racing greyhounds who serve as service dogs for those coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as others in need of companionship, mobility assistance or other emotional and physical aid, CableOrganizer further explained. “Notably, each dog is specifically tailored to meet the individualized needs of its recipient,” the company said, “fostering a relative return to normalcy for the soldiers who put their physical and psychological well-being at risk to serve our country and maintain the freedoms that are all too often taken for granted.”

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Juan Ribero, CableOrganizer’s vice president of marketing, added, “People often talk about supporting our troops, but fail to realize that such support needs to continue after these men and women have returned home and are attempting to readjust to civilian life. What is normal for most of us is often no longer normal for them, and when you’ve grown accustomed to living under constant threat of attack, something as simple as going to the grocery store or walking down the street suddenly becomes much more difficult. These service dogs will provide much-needed companionship and assistance to make daily tasks easier.

“As you might imagine, highly trained service animals do not come easily or cheap. SD4SM’s Hero Project offers these greyhounds at zero cost to the veterans, and relies on donations and fundraising to cover the substantial expenses. In our own show of gratitude to the men and women who serve our country, we’re proud to partner with SD4SM to raise money and awareness for this extraordinary cause.”

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