Compact Category 6 cable has no tape separator

Feb. 28, 2014
Comtran’s COM-Pact Category 6e has an outside diameter of 0.190 inches, featuring 23-AWG conductors and plenum rating

Comtran Cable recently announced the development of its COM-Pact Category 6e cable, which does not include a tape separator. The company explains the cables are “tested to 550 MHz and feature a compact design. With the removal of the tape separator, the new OD [outside diameter] of COM-Pact Cat 6e is 0.190 inches, compared to 0.205 inches for out standard Category 6e. This can be useful when there is limited space in the conduit, and where size may be a concern. COM-Pact Category 6e is available in plenum only and in an array of jacket colors. Custom print legends, put-ups and special colors are available upon request.”

Comtran describes the cable’s construction characteristics as: 23-AWG solid bare copper conductors per ASTM B-3; fluoropolymer insulation; color-coded conductors twisted to varying lays; four conductor pairs cabled to form a round core; low-smoke PVC jacket; 0.190-inch nominal OD; and a ripcord provided under the jacket.

The company lists several compliance achievements for the COM-Pact Category 6e: ETL Verified TIA-568-C.2 Category 6; UL Subject 444 Communications Cables; UL Listed type CMP; NFPA 262 (UL 910) Plenum Flame Test; NEC Article 800; c(UL) Type CMP; ICEA S-90-661; California State Fire Marshal.

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