ETL-verified Category 6A cabling channel

Jan. 20, 2015
Black Box says its end-to-end channel of Category 6A cabling is up to such demands as 10GbE, VoIP, broadcasting, and PoE as well as PoE Plus.

Black Box recently announced that its CAT6A channel solution is ETL-verified for Category 6A cabling performance, including 6-around-1 alien crosstalk (ANEXT) testing. “The guaranteed-for-life channel gives users a high-quality, long-lasting cabling solution for demanding applications such as 10-Gigabit Ethernet, VoIP, broadcasing, and PoE/PoE+,” the company said.

Black Box further explained that “for quality assurance” it puts “both channel and bulk cable through separate ETL verification testing. The channel includes component-level horizontal UTP bulk cable and F/UTP patch cable. Both are rated at 650 MHz, far exceeding the TIA specification of 500 MHz,” for Category 6A cabling, the company noted. “The TIA-compliant patch cables feature LockPort boots, which give users the optional ability to lock network ports when necessary,” Black Box added. “The rest of the channel consists of component-level Cat 6A jacks that fit into a patch panel with a staggered-port design to minimize ANEXT and improve performance.”

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