Patch cords have locking boot and clip

Jan. 12, 2012
LockPort from Black Box is available in models that do or do not require a key, and also available in Cat 5e and 6, plenum and non-plenum options.

The LockPort Category 5e and Category 6 Security Patch Cables from Black Box include a locking boot and clip. "IT professionals can use them to prevent unauthorized personnel and vandals from disconnecting vital network connections," Black Box says. "They can also be used to prevent network downtime from accidental cable disconnects."

Black Box characterizes the patch cords as an easy, inexpensive and effective way to prevent tampering with network cables in public areas, adding that they are well-suited for protecting wireless access points, security cameras and Power-over-Ethernet equipment connections.

Andrew Schmeltzer, global product manager with Black Box, said, "LockPort cables are truly the first layer in network security. LockPort guards against one of the easiest ways for someone to tamper with your network - simply unplugging a cable. In addition, these cables are perfect for holding port connections securely in place. Loose cable connections are one of the biggest causes of network downtime, and now they can be prevented."

Two lock choices are available. The key lock can only be released with a removal tool (shown, along with both cord types, at the bottom of this screen). Black Box says this is particularly useful for locking network connections in the data center and telecom rooms. The secure lock, on the other hand, holds a cable firmly in place but does not require a removal tool.

The cables come with three different lock combinations. The first features key locks on both ends. The second features secure locks on both ends. And the third features one key lock and one secure lock. In addition to the different boot combinations, these Category 5e and Category 6 cables are available unshielded or shielded, with PVC or plenum jackets, in 10 colors and 9 lengths.

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