LSZH cables for mass transit

Nov. 30, 2012
Comtran’s Hub-Link cables provide extremely low toxicity levels under fire conditions.

The Hub-Link cable line from Comtran is a set of low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) telecommunications and data-transmission cables designed for mass-transit applications. The company says the cables “have been designed to provide extremely low toxicity levels under fire conditions while meeting UL CM-LS and IEEE 1202/FT4-LS flame and smoke requirements.”

Comtran also explains that the Hub-Link line of cables is extremely stable in mass-transit applications such as fixed guideway or passenger railway tunnels and stations, as well as cable trays in airports or any mass-transit hub location where reduced toxins and reduced flame spread are required.

They are rated 90 degrees Celsius and as Comtran explains, “Their cross-linked proprietary materials are extremely durable while being highly flame retardant, which would enhance visibility and reduce the possibility of being affected by toxic fumes.”

The HubLink cables are available in 2- to 400-pair versions for Category 3 telecommunications cables, and in 4-pair Category 5e and Category 6 data cables.

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