U.S. Army seeking cables, connectors, adapters

Dec. 14, 2012
Responses to the equipment-only solicitation are due December 27.

Through the fbo.gov website, the United States Army has issued a solicitation for cables, connectors and adapters. The solicitation specifically states it is for new equipment only, not remanufactured or “gray market” items. It is a total small business set aside.

The solicitation came from the Army Contracting Command-Redstone Arsenal (ACC-RSA) in Alabama; that location is also listed as the place-of-performance.

The solicitation lists the following product types.

  • Category 5e stranded cable, shielded, red, 40 feet—Quantity: 588
  • Category 5e stranded cable, shielded, red, 60 feet—Quantity: 336
  • Category 5e stranded cable, shielded, red, 50 feet—Quantity: 252
  • Category 5e stranded cable, shielded, blue, 30 feet—Quantity: 168
  • Category 5e stranded cable, shielded, blue, 40 feet—Quantity: 252
  • Shielded RJ45 connectors, Category 5, package of 8—Quantity: 500
  • Shielded RJ45 connector, Category 5, package of 2—Quantity: 100
  • Category 5e shielded cable, blue, bulk 500 feet—Quantity: 84
  • Category 5e shielded cable, red, bulk 500 feet—Quantity: 84
  • Single-to-triple 3-wire grounding adapter (Part number 88577)—Quantity: 168
  • 25-foot, 14-gauge outdoor extension cord (Part number 332424)—Quantity: 420
  • 50-foot, 16-gauge outdoor extension cord (Part number 70371)—Quantity: 84
  • 6-outlet power strip (Part number 95133)—Quantity: 588
  • Stanley 37-inch mobile job box, 50 gallon (Part number 037025H)—Quantity: 84
  • Cable ties, 8-inch (Part number 6JE53), package of 100—Quantity: 84
  • Velcro straps (Part number 5JLF6), package of 30—Quantity: 84

The solicitation states, “Shipping must be free of board [FOB] destination CONUS [continental U.S.], which means the seller must deliver the goods on it conveyance at the destination specified by the buyer, and the seller is responsible for the cost of shipping and risk of loss prior to actual delivery at the specified destination.”

Proposals are due by 11:00 am CST on Thursday, December 27. Email is the preferred proposal-delivery method; proposals may be submitted to Vivian Anderson ([email protected]).

The full solicitation can be viewed on fbo.gov here.

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