10 things not to do when running twisted-pair network cabling

Dec. 19, 2012
10 mistakes for cabling installers to avoid.

At TechRepublic, Scott Lowe -- an independent consultant, author, owner of The 1610 Group, and a senior IT executive with CampusWorks, Inc. -- recently posted an article listing and describing "10 things you shouldn't do when running network cable." The article examines 10 mistakes to avoid, specifically when installing copper twisted-pair network cabling.

The 10 mistakes are as follows:

1. Not planning for the future.
2. Using different cabling for voice and data.
3. Not using cable management.
4. Running cable in parallel with electrical cables.
5. Running cable near “noisy” devices and fixtures.
6. Not minding distance limitations "… to a point."
7. Not following local laws/codes/ordinances.
8. Not testing your cabling infrastructure.
9. Not following standards.
10. Not running a cable when you need one.

Read the full article here.

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