Sterlite Tech unveils high fiber count ribbon cable geared for all small cell, data center, FTTx backhaul applications including legacy

March 6, 2019
Sterlite Tech's new launch 'TruRibbon - Ribbon Reinvented' comprises a fully backward compatible cable built for high-capacity networks. "This disruptive solution enables optimization for first-time-right splicing, bringing tremendous time and cost savings, while enabling massive connectivity," asserts the company.

Based in San Diego, CA and Pune, India, the global data network solutions company Sterlite Tech has formally launched its 'TruRibbon – Ribbon Reinvented' line at the Optical Networking and Communication Conference (#OFC 2019) in San Diego, March 5-7.

The TruRibbon is billed as "a fully backward compatible ribbon cable that offers the high density needed by today’s networks, with superior handling design to enable a first-time-right installation." According to Sterlite Tech: "TruRibbon – Ribbon Reinvented offers a unique combination of five key benefits, bringing tremendous time and cost saving in fiber network rollouts."

Extreme-density cable speeds fiber identification, routing by up to 30%

As enumerated, these benefits are as follows:

· The cable's ultra- high fiber count design is suitable for all small cell, data center and FTTx backhaul connectivity requirements.

· The cable's design is compatible with all legacy ribbon splicing, stripping, handling techniques and capital equipment.

· The cable is optimized for ease-of-use, with a 'furcation-friendly' design.

· The cable is optimized for easy identification via printable ribbons.

· The cable has a significantly reduced diameter, as compared to traditional ribbon cable designs.

The company's claim of 'backward compatibility' ensures that "the solution can easily be spliced to legacy ribbon using existing equipment, avoiding the cost of new splicing equipment or a change in practices. At the same time, the solution’s compactness enables smaller hand holes, contributing to significant cost reduction," adds Sterlite Tech.

“Technology innovation and deep customer connect are at the core of everything we do, helping us innovate for customer needs. TruRibbon is one such innovative solution that brings massive connectivity for multiple applications, at reduced cost,” said Dr. Badri Gomatam, Group CTO, Sterlite Tech.

High-density ribbon fiber platform optimized for data centers

Added Dr. Badri, “Our TruRibbon product features combine to create a unique value proposition for our customers. As data requirements continue to explode unabated, service providers, hyperscale data centers and others, look for ongoing innovation in fiber connectivity and cable solutions to enable speed and agility at competitive costs. Sterlite Tech has been continuously innovating to meet these needs, and utilizing its unique and industry-leading design capability, it has now developed TruRibbon – Ribbon Reinvented."

The company has manufacturing facilities in India, Italy, China and Brazil and maintains two Software Delivery Centers. For more details, visit

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