Report predicts 5-year surge in U.S., Canadian structured cabling markets

Rosy forecast notwithstanding, a report by FTM Consulting notes that the market was heavily impacted by the recent economic recession.

According to reporting at Cabling Networking Systems, the Canadian and U.S. structured cabling markets stand to experience double digit growth over next 5 years. FTM Consulting’s latest study, “Opportunities in Structured Cabling Systems,” forecasts that the U.S. structured cabling systems market should grow at a rate of 13.1% rate during the next five years, with the growth rate in Canada just three percentage points lower.

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The rosy forecast notwithstanding, the report notes that the market was heavily impacted by the recent economic recession, and saw only minimal growth and even decreased growth during the past two years across many products and companies.

Frank Murawski, president of FTM Consulting and author of the report, contends that suppliers need to address issues such as: What are the largest markets for their products? What are the largest growth markets and what products will need to be developed in order to be competitive in the future?

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"This study addresses and provides quantitative data for these issues," says Murawski.

He adds, "The analysis indicates that VoIP applications will be vital for the UTP cabling suppliers, while data center applications will offer the largest growth market for fiber cabling systems providers."

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SOURCE: Cabling Networking Systems

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