Report outlines structured cabling systems opportunities

Research and Markets has issued its Opportunities in Structured Cabling Systems report.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets (Dublin, Ireland) has announced the addition of the "Opportunities in Structured Cabling Systems" report to its offering. The report provides five-year SCS detailed product forecasts including products by cabling applications (LANs, data center, VOIP, wireless, video, other).

Forecast data in the report includes:

--UTP cables by categories
--Coax cables
--Fiber cables by multimode/singlemode
--Copper apparatus devices by product types (crossconnects, outlets, etc.)
--Fiber apparatus devices by product types (fiber interconnects, outlets, etc.)

Study provides direction for product/market planning, including:

--What is the largest market opportunity for UTP cables Cat 6 cable Cat 6a cables?
--What is the largest growth market for future fiber cabling systems?
--What are the largest vertical markets (Retail, Finance, Healthcare, etc.) for UTP cabling fiber cabling?
--What products are required for future data center cabling implementation?
--What products are needed for the future SCS market: niche products, ease-of-installation products, etc.?
--What technologies should be followed for future SCS product developments?

Key topics covered in the report include: Technology/Product Trends; Total SCS Market Forecasts; Total SCS Market Cabling Application Forecast; Copper Cabling Forecast; Copper Apparatus Forecast; Fiber Cabling Forecast; Fiber Apparatus Forecast; Copper and Fiber Cabling Suppliers Opportunities; and General Market Opportunities.

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