TIA begins four standards projects for single-twisted-pair cabling

June 27, 2017
Addenda to three existing standards (568.0-D, 862-B and 1005-A) as well as a standalone cabling standard, TIA-568.5, are on the docket for TIA TR-42.

At its meeting held in June, the Telecommunications Industry Association’s TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee initiated four standards projects related to single-twisted-pair cabling systems.

One of those projects is the effort that ultimately will result in the publication of ANSI/TIA-568.5, specifying single-twisted-pair cabling and components. The standard will provide specifications for cables, connectors, cords, links and channels using one-pair connectivity in non-industrial networks, according to a working statement of the standard’s scope. The standard will be geared toward what are called “MICE1” environments. MICE is an acronym for mechanical, ingress, climatic, and electromagnetic. The TIA-1005 standard series includes MICE tables, which numerically characterize the network environment’s severity for each of the four conditions. The higher the number, the more severe the environment. In practical application, a MICE1 environment is a commercial office space.

Another effort that TR-42 initiated in June is an addendum (Addendum 2) to the ANSI/TIA-568.0-D standard. The addendum will add single balanced twisted-pair use cases, topology and architecture to the standard. “The standard will include installation requirements and additional guidelines for transitioning from 4-pair to 1-pair cabling,” says an early-stage scope of the standard.

Also on TR-42’s docket, Addendum 2 to the ANSI/TIA-862-B Structured Cabling Infrastructure Standard for Intelligent Building Systems. Like the addendum to the 568.0-D spec, this one will add use cases, topology, and architecture for single-pair cabling. Additionally, this document will provide single-twisted-pair cabling guidelines for emerging Internet of Things and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications that will require higher density, reduced size, and greater flexibility than can be provided by existing technology.

Finally, Addendum 4 to the ANSI/TIA-1005-A Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Industrial premises will specify cables, connectors, cords, links and channels using one-pair connectivity in MICE2 and MICE3 environments.

We will follow these developments within TR-42 and update their progress.

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