TE launches optical flex circuit cable assemblies for commercial, military aircraft

Jan. 16, 2018
As reported by CablingInstall.com's sister website Military & Aerospace Electronics.

As reported by CablingInstall.com's sister website Military & Aerospace Electronics:

TE Connectivity in Harrisburg, Pa., is introducing optical flex circuit cable assemblies for high-speed electronic packaging in the harsh environments of aerospace, commercial and military aircraft, and defense systems.

These compact, robust fiber-optic circuits are customizable for card-to-card and backplane applications. They are made up of thousands of individual fibers positioned on a rugged substrate that employs crossovers to minimize stress while maximizing opportunities for complex routing arrangements.

A thin film encapsulating each fiber helps provide enhanced protection from harsh environments and allows for high-density packaging that saves valuable space. Added durability and low insertion loss are achieved through controlled optical circuit routing using a computer numerical control (CNC) machine.

The TE optical flex circuits manage high fiber counts in small spaces to simplify routing. They can accommodate as many as 12 layers stacked and six fiber crossings.

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