RCDD's choice: The week's top 5 stories

Jan. 19, 2018
IEEE 802.3bs 200-Gbit/sec and 400-Gbit/sec Ethernet standard approved; Tool-free field-terminable Category 6A plug; Cabling distributors poll; CommScope re-ups on OFS fiber; More.

Here's the top trending industry news stories from the past week, as compiled by Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine and CablingInstall.com.

IEEE 802.3bs 200-Gbit/sec and 400-Gbit/sec Ethernet standard approved

In a new technical blog, Leviton’s Gary Bernstein describes the different iterations of the IEEE’s 200/400-Gbit Ethernet standard—IEEE 802.3bs—and also explaines the practical effects the now-approved standard will have on cabling-system deployments in data centers.

Fiber vs. copper: Top stories

Some weeks, the top stories just seem to describe any BICSI RCDD's inevitable range of choice.

Tool-free field-terminable Category 6A plug

Leviton's newly released Cat 6A Universal Tool-Free Plug accommodates a variety of network applications. The plug's glamour shot has titillated some interesting commentary at Reddit's 'Cableporn' sub-community.

Cabling distributors poll

Of 9 major communications cabling distributors, which company have you dealt with most in the past year? Take our spot poll on the matter. Guess who's leading?

CommScope and OFS extend long-term fiber supply partnership

“Through this agreement, CommScope secures access to a premier supply of optical fiber for development of innovative fiber cabling products for global wireline and wireless networks,” says Jaxon Lang, senior vice president and Connectivity Solutions segment leader, CommScope.

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