IFP Connect: Background on the Brand and Products Available

May 8, 2024
IFP Connect is still a relatively new brand that has a bevy of useful products including transceivers and fiber switches.

Information on IFP Connect

Integrated Fiber Platform (IFP) was founded in 2022 by Eric Crawford, as a split-off from The Loop Technologies. IFP’s growing line of products gives integrators a "far greater value proposition to both their organization and their clients". The topology advantageously uses a digital/optical methodology for data transmission that tackles the limitations of category cable including interference, heat-associated packet loss, physical wall space and rack requirements, installation time, etc.

Fiber Transceivers

IFP Connect offers a variety of products, one being its fiber transceivers. The company’s transceivers are available in 1 port and 4 port configurations and are single-gang in-wall devices. A single-mode fiber and a two-conductor cable for power are used to connect to each fiber transceiver.

The IFP 1-port transceiver is made to be easily installed behind TVs, in accessible in-wall areas, or in small equipment racks where a category cable can be installed to a rack-mount switch. This transceiver is best suited for situations where only one network jack is required to feed a rackmount switch, office printer, or one smart TV.

The transceiver kit includes one gigabit RJ-45 ethernet port, LED status indicators for power and fiber connectivity, and input connections being single-mode fiber via SC-type connector and 18-2 stranded cable via 2-pin spring connector, and more.

The IFP 4-port transceiver is also made to be easily installed behind TVs, however, it is used when multiple RJ-45 ports are needed. The product has four gigabit ports and is suited for a range of devices, particularly Apple TV®, soundbars, smart TVs, and smart home controllers.

The 4-port kit comes with the same features as the 1-port except for the four gigabit RJ-45 ethernet ports.

IFP Power over Ethernet

Among the company’s offerings, is the IFP Power over Ethernet Transceiver Kit. This product supports touch panels, wireless access points, surveillance cameras, etc., utilizing single-mode fiber + 18-2 prewire.

The device is sold in 4-packs and includes four PoE fiber transceivers and one 48V DC power supply. “Virtually unlimited” data speed via fiber versus category cable and a maximum of 1000’ DC power support are just a few of the many features of the IFP Power over Ethernet Transceiver.

8-port Fiber Switch and PDU Kit

“IFP 8-port Fiber Network Switches and PDUs are the head-end system for an IFP fiber network.  Locate the switch, power distribution unit (PDU) and power supply in a rack or low voltage enclosure and run one single-mode fiber from each of the 8 network switch ports and 18-2 from the PDU to each IFP In-wall fiber transceiver location.”

This product by IFP features an 8-port switch, two RJ-45 connector ports, and eight SC fiber connector ports. A power distribution unit (PDU) to drive eight in-wall transceivers is included. This kit also has a 12V DC power supply with 2 outputs which gives power to the network switch and PDU.

You can visit IFP Connect's website here.

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