Lessons learned-Must-see photos

1803ciminfrastructureinsights Photo 1

Tongue planted firmly in check, Grant Richards, a certified IT/telecommunications ­contractor and course instructor with Limited Energy Apprenticeship Program at Oregon’s Clackamas Community College, sends in what he describes as “three more examples of the finest work being done out there.”

1803ciminfrastructureinsights Photo 1

“Terminations done by an electrician who, I assume, didn’t know any better.”

1803ciminfrastructureinsights Photo 2

“This was at a hotel where ‘Get it done cheaply’ was more important than ‘Get it done right.’ Notice the cable feeds through holes in the ceiling and the artistic cable management.”

Richards shares his commentary with us in each caption.

1803ciminfrastructureinsights Photo 3

“A lesson in how not to mount equipment. Note the sign that indicates where the rack was to go. Absent a rack, the installer used a shelf but, dang it, the shelf wasn’t wide enough. They could have flipped it to give them a level surface, but that escaped them. Also, note the fairly expensive router sitting on the floor—nice. This, by the way, was at a federal government office.”

Snap a photo of any notable cabling masterpieces or messes that you find on the jobsite, and send them to mattv@pennwell.com for inclusion on this page and/or in our online Must-See Photo gallery. Happy cabling!

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