1. Money

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Come to think of it, wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't this be the number-one story in every industry, every year? To be a bit more specific for our purposes, the pricing of the materials used in cable manufacturing hit pocketbooks pretty hard this year. The aforementioned cable thefts derive from the price of copper. We covered a twist in this dynamic recently, when someone pointed out that copper had hit a two-year low in price. He wanted to know how come the price he's paying for copper cable hasn't gone down any. The other major happening this year was the temporary closure of Daikin's FEP-production facility in Japan after the country was struck by the tsunami in March. We covered that happening when the news was bad, and when Daikin had good news to report. We also let you know about the resources and explanations available from your direct suppliers.

So that's it. My list of the 11 biggest stories for the cabling industry in 2011. Feel free to ruin my whole year by writing to tell me how wrong I am.

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