Cable thief busted on video

Crackdown began when more than 100 trains were delayed after the theft of about 75 dollars worth of copper railway cable.

BBC cameras rolled as British Transport Police (BTP) arrested a young man in Rotherham suspected of stealing railway cables.

According to BTP as reported by the BBC, theft of copper cables from railways, electricity and gas networks has doubled over the past year. The BBC added that recently more than 100 trains were affected as the line from London to Edinburgh East Coast was delayed when thieves stole a mere 44 pounds (about 71 dollars) worth of cable.

BBC Radio's Sarah Sturdey, who along with a camera crew accompanied the BTP on their recent bust, stated in her blog, "Telecoms cable is also on the hit list. Customers are left without phones ... potentially dangerous if emergency calls are needed. The deeper I looked into the issue the more widespread the theft of copper was evident."

Watch the arrest video here.

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