Screened Cat 5e cables stand up to sun, extreme temperatures

Superior Essex's newest cable can withstand 720 hours of harsh UV and heat.

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Superior Essex's newest Category 5e F/UTP cables - the CMR/CMX Outdoor and the CMR/CMX Outdoor Sunlight Resistant - are both resistant to failure when exposed to extreme temperature and prolonged ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Both cables are designed for outdoor applications that require shielding and a ground wire for Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, Superior Essex says. The jacket of each is designed to resist temperatures between -20 deg. Celsius and +65 deg. Celsius. Additionally, the CMR listing of each allows the cable to be used in riser spaces per UL 1666, eliminating the need to transition to more fire-resistant cables upon entering a building.

The black Cat 5e CMR/CMX Outdoor Sunlight Resistant cable has been tested to resist 72 hours of harsh UV and heat, and is listed as UL 444 Sunlight Resistant-compliant. The level of UV protectings prevents damage from long-term UV sunlight exposure, Superior Essex says. The Cat 5e CMR/CMX Outdoor cable, suitable for more moderate UV exposure, has been UV/heat tested for 300 hours, the company says.

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