Cable-performance test results available online

Reports for CommScope products including cable assemblies, twisted-pair and fiber-optic cables can be downloaded using a computer or mobile device.

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CommScope's WebTrak and cTrak programs allow purchasers of several product types - including twisted-pair and fiber-optic cables - to gain access to the products' performance-testing results through an Internet connection, including from a mobile device.

cTrak enables iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to access the reports, and WebTrak is available to anyone with a PC-based Internet connection. To use the application, an individual inputs a product's serial number. The application generates reports of the performance testing done on the product by CommScope.

It can be used for CommScope's base-station antennas, cable assemblies, twisted-pair cables, and fiber-optic and feeder cables.

The image at the bottom of this page is from a cTrak demonstration video created by CommScope. You can watch the video on YouTube here.

You can also download cTrak here or access WebTrak here.

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