Paper looks at 10G data cabling for aircraft

Document discusses the tight pathways within aircraft and emphasizes the importance of a compact, lightweight yet robust cable for use in aircraft data networks.

A white paper authored by Thermax, a provider of wire and cables for use in aerospace and military applications, examines the characteristics of a data cable that allow it to support 10-Gbit/sec transmission speeds inside aircraft data networks.

In a summary of the paper, Thermax explains, "The amount of 10-Gigabit cable deployed [within aircraft] to support current and future systems is increasing significantly. Unfortunately, the pathway space remains the same. Engineers in the aerospace industry therefore need cables that meet highly reliable 10-Gbit signal transmission performance, while also taking up less space, lowering the total cable weight and providing installable performance irrespective of the tight pathways."

The paper discusses "optimum data cabling characteristics," Thermax says, including reliable 10G performance, compact size, installable performance, durability, and low weigh-per-foot. These characteristics are necessary for aircraft to support 10-Gbit/sec network speeds while also meeting aircraft-design challenges including tight routing, harsh environments, and overall lighter, more-fuel-efficient aircraft.

The paper is being offered through Military and Aerospace Electronics, a sibling publication to Cabling Installation & Maintenance. It is available for free download to anyone who provides contact information.

You can download the paper here.

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