CableOrganizer offering American-made, price-matching promotion

Online cabling retailer says it will do its best to find alternative, U.S.-made products but 'don't expect to buy a jar of caviar for the price of a can of tuna.'

Online cabling-product retailer is offering a program, effective through August 31, through which it will attempt to offer an American-made, comparable product for the same price a consumer would pay for a foreign-made product.

When announcing the program, the company conceded a reality for product purchasers and users: "While many love the idea of buying American-made products, many times there's a catch. 'Made in the USA' may not always be as affordable as 'Made somewhere else.'"

On its website, the company explains the basic concept. "If you're interested in a foreign-made product on our site but would like the chance to purchase an American-made alternative at the same low price, simply fill out the form ... and we'll do our best to find a Made-in-the-USA version. And if the American-made alternative costs more than its foreign-manufactured counterpart, we'll ... match the price." The company adds the caveat: "Please keep in mind that there are some cases in which an American-made alternative may not be available. However, we'll do our absolute best to find one for you."

Once a request is made, CableOrganizer searches for an alternative product, conducts price-matching, and emails to the consumer a link that enables them to redeem the lowest-price offer for the U.S.-made product.

Another caveat to the promotion, CableOrganizer notes, "As an official government and military supplier, we're legally unable to offer you costs that are lower than our GSA prices."

The company also explains what makes two products "comparable." "We will only offer American-made alternatives and price matches if the foreign-made and U.S.-made products are reasonably comparable in form, function and value," the company says. It then quips, "We can't sell a jar of caviar for the price of a can of tuna."

The company has dedicated a page on its website to the promotion. You can visit that page here.

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