Telecom-jacketing compounds increasing in price

Aug. 29, 2012
Cable manufacturers will pay 10 cents more per pound for Dow Electrical and Telecommunications' jacketing materials as of October 1.

Dow Electrical and Telecommunications recently announced that effective October 1, it will increase prices on several of its products used in the manufacture of cable. Of particular interest to the communications cabling industry, all of Dow's power and telecom jacketing grades will increase 10 cents per pound.

That dime-a-pound increase is the smallest of the price jumps that Dow is putting in place. All of its medium- and high-voltage insulation compounds are increasing $0.12 per pound; semicon and shield compounds will increase $0.15 per pound; and specialties including Unigard and Unipurge brand product lines are increasing $0.19 per pound as of October 1. Additionally, other grades not included in the categories just named will increase $0.15 per pound.

"Customers have been informed of this necessary action," Dow said when announcing the forthcoming increases.

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