Belden launches pre-terminated Cat6 cabling system

Sept. 29, 2009
Belden has introduced its Belden 3600 pre-terminated cabling system, targeted for Category 6 installations in data centers and office environments.

September 29, 2009 -- Belden has introduced its Belden 3600 pre-terminated cabling system, targeted for Category 6 installations in data centers and office environments.

The 3600 pre-terminated cabling system is billed as easy and convenient to configure and install; according to Belden, the system can reduce installation time and labor costs by as much as 90 percent. Since all system components are factory-tested, there is no need for the extensive testing and troubleshooting typically required in cabling installations.

In addition, the company maintains that the "green" system provides for plug-and-play installation and component reusability, resulting in lower cost and less waste. The system is supported under Belden's IBDN 3600 certification program, including guaranteed bandwidth of 280 MHz and Belden's 25-Year IBDN product warranty.

Core components of the Belden 3600 pre-terminated cabling system include the following:

-- The 3600 pre-terminated cable assemblies, which feature a small, flexible cable assembly design, combined with RJ45 plugs, allowing for fast, easy installation and termination. The use of a braided sleeve and pulling eyes provides additional protection when pulling and routing the assemblies through overhead trays, raised floors, cabinet poke-throughs and cable management hardware. The cable assemblies come in standardized 6-cable bundles. Each 23 AWG 4-pair cable features Belden's patented Bonded-Pair technology to ensure Category 6 performance and reliability, before and after installation. The assemblies are available in 1-ft increments from 6-50 ft assembly lengths, and in 5-ft increments from 55 to 295 ft assembly lengths. Each is labeled with a unique serial number and bar code for easier asset management.

-- The CAT6+ RJ45 modular couplers: the company contends that the inherent simplicity of this RJ45-RJ45 feed-through coupler (or inline coupler) brings modularity and flexibility to the 3600 system, along with a new and higher level of RJ45 plug-and-play performance. The coupler also provides outstanding transmission performance in short and long channels and it is reusable and reconfigurable for both front and back patch panel reconfiguration. And since the coupler is compatible with Belden's line of KeyConnect modular patch panels, adapters and faceplates there is no need for special installation hardware.

Belden further announced that its KeyConnect 10GX, CAT6+ and CAT5E modular jacks are now available in 17 colors. Traditionally these jacks were available in TIA 606 matching colors as well as gray, white, almond and black. The new colors include ivory, and darker versions of orange, red, yellow, green, blue and purple. The Belden KeyConnect Jacks can be used in Belden's 10GX, KeyConnect and AngleFlex patch panels, as well as Belden KeyConnect and MediaFlex workstation outlets.

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