IAA chairman: Keep up fight against counterfeit cables

Jim Rittenburg lauds the BCA's ACI program and cautions against cost-cutting.

The chairman of a group organized to fight counterfeiting recently made a statement aimed directly at cable manufacturers based in the United Kingdom, urging them not to give up the fight. Jim Rittenburg, chairman of the International Authentication Association (IAA) made the comments in light of an initiative by the British Cables Association to take on counterfeiting. Rittenburg specifically addressed the tempration to reduce efforts and investment in anti-counterfeiting strategies and technologies.

The BCA effort is called The Approved Cables Initiative (ACI). While the ACI appears to be aimed primarily at electrical cables, the BCA describes itself as a trade association for British manufacturers of insulated cables and wired, and associated products.

The IAA's Rittenburg said ACI is a step in the right direction and he believes battling counterfeit products is an effective means of maintaining sales and market share. He added, "Manufacturers are already under pressure from higher energy, labor, materials and financing costs and for some an automatic reaction would be to compensate by cutting expenditure wherever possible - with investment in authentication technologies that help prevent counterfeits and maintain brand integrity a likely candidate. The temptation to cut back is obvious but we support the ACI's aim to educate the electrical supply chain through seminars and marketing material. Continuing investment in features and systems that prevent losses will help companies through the hard times ahead. We also urge those in the supply chain routinely check cable markings and reels, checking identification tags. Anything suspicious should be reported straight away."

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