Berk-Tek low skew cable offers alternative to RGB coax for video applications

The low skew cable minimizes ghosting or blurring of fast moving images, says the company.

New Holland, PA -- Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company, has introduced its Low Skew line of four-pair UTP cabling specifically designed for video applications such as digital signage. Billed as an alternative to RGB coax cables, the company says the new product can support video transmissions to distances longer than traditional Ethernet, which is limited to 100 meters.

“Each pair of a standardized UTP cable, such as Category 5e, 6 and 6a, is manufactured with a different twist rate to minimize crosstalk between pairs, which is critical when running high-speed, high-bandwidth Ethernet applications,” explains Jim Frey, copper product manager for Berk-Tek. “However this difference in lay lengths creates skew, which is the time difference between the fastest pair and slowest pair."

Frey continues, "Since crosstalk is not a big concern in non-Ethernet video applications, the pairs in a low skew cable have almost negligible twist variations, making the electrical signals on all four pairs arrive closer together – a nominal 2.0 nanoseconds for every 100 meters. As a result, the low skew cable minimizes ghosting or blurring of fast moving images."

Berk-Tek's low skew cable offers a similar diameter to Category 5e products. The low skew cable is available in CMP (plenum) with an outside diameter of 0.186” and CMR (riser) rated with a 0.192” O.D. Coax cable has diameters upwards of 0.5”.

The cables are available in boxes and reels from Berk-Tek's major distribution channels. For additional information, see

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