Cable materials prices addressed in market brief

Oct. 21, 2010
Communications Supply Corp. has summarized what the vortex of copper, FEP and petroleum price increases will mean for cable purchasers.

Communications Supply Corporation has issued a market brief summarizing the rising costs of cable materials. The brief begins with the good news of the overall economic recovery that is underway. It quickly follows, however, with the reality of price increases on items such as copper, FEP and PVC that are used in the manufacture of cable products. The brief also addresses the rising costs of energy and transportation.

"The communications infrastructure industry is doubly impacted by oil prices, as oil is both a critical component of the many products in the industry and a key factor in their distribution from manufacturer to installation site," CSC explains in its brief.

A 150-percent increase in the price of copper from its January-2009 low, shrinking production of fluorinated ethylene propylene, a 10-percent increase in PVC prices since January 2009, and rising oil prices are conspiring to increase cable prices again, CSC says, noting an October 15 FEP price-hike from Dupont.

View the market brief from CSC.

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