10G cabling reaches hundreds of classrooms

RiT's SMARTen system will be incorporated into Israel's Time To Know initiative.

10-Gigabit-capable structured cabling systems will be found in more than 100 classrooms in Israel as part of the Time To Know teaching platform that was invented there. RiT Technologies recently announced its SMARTen cabling system, including patch panels, patch cords, shielded twisted-pair cabling and outlets, will be deployed in 10 schools in Israel in the project's first stage. In the second stage, RiT says, hundreds of additional classrooms will be established. RiT submitted its design as part of a competitive tender.

Time To Know was founded in Israel and also has offices in the United States. It focuses on the K-12 education market, providing what it describes as "a holistic integration of interactive core curriculum and a digital teaching platform designed specifically for one-to-one computing clasrooms." To date 60 time To Know classrooms have been established in Israel and the U.S., with hundreds more scheduled.

"Time To Know is bringing an exciting new concept to the world of education," said RiT Technologies president and chief executive officer Avi Kovarsky. "However, the success of the project depends totally upon the availability and stability of the classroom's computer network. Using our high quality components, Time To Know will be assured of maximum performance, freeing teachers and staff to concentrate on their educational endeavors. We are proud to be part of this breakthrough initiative."

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