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The Redundant Link Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter (065-1096RED) is a 10/100/1000BaseT/TX to 1000Base SFP device.

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Redundant link GbE device

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The Redundant Link Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter (065-1096RED) is a 10/100/1000BaseT/TX to 1000Base SFP device. It is configured by using two Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) Gigabit Ethernet fiber-optic modules to provide automatic failover from the primary fiber-optic pathway to a secondary pathway withoutrequiring external Ethernet switchfeatures. 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, or1000BaseT connections are automatically speed- and duplex mode-matched to the Gigabit Ethernet fiber-optic connections. Redundant fiber optic pathways can be routed either via strand diversity, where the secondary protection fiber circuit resides in the same fiber-optic cable jacket as the primary connection, or in route diversity protection architectures where the secondaryprotection fiber circuit is routed through a completely different physical pathway.

Balun carries composite video over Category 5/6

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The Component/Composite Video Balun (500056, 500057) has been developed for commercial AV integrators and custom home installers, allowing one full YPbPr/RGB video channel plus one composite video channel to be connected via Category 5/6 copper twisted pair cable in a point-to-point configuration for neater and more efficient cabling. It supports up to 500 feet at 1080p via Category 5/6, and may be used in conjunction with the company's line of rack-, wall- and surface-mount accessories.

Line terminators extend TDM network range

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The iMcV-T1/E1/J1-LineTerm andiMcV-DS3/E3/STS1-LineTerm line-terminating TDM modules are designed to convert T-1/E-1/J-1 or DS-3/E-3/STS-1 signals from native copper cabling tofiber. These extenders are designed for backhauling TDM-based equipment, such as PBXs. As LineTerm devices, the extenders perform the standard "line termination" (GR-820-CORE) function, which generates an Alarm Indication Signal (AIS) on the line if a received signal is lost. Line faults can easily be isolated to one line section and do not propagate over multiple-line sections as they do with normal line repeaters. The TDM LineTerm series also includes built-in jitter removal, line integrity testing, diagnostic tools, and remote management. Modules install in the company's MediaChassis and iMediaChassis, can be managed by iView² SNMP application software or with any other SNMP application, and are designed to be deployed in pairs (data transmitted on the fiber ports must be received and interpreted by another LineTerm unit of the same model). Each iMcV-DS3/E3/STS1-LineTerm unit includes one pair of BNC connectors and a choice of a standard ST or SC fiber-optic connetor. The iMcV-T1/E1/J1-LineTerm unit includes one RJ-48 copper port and a standard ST or SCfiber-optic connector.

Remote location conversion

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Tec-Optix high-speed media converters are designed to satisfy applications required to connect two remote locations, or those solving a difficult wiring closet issue. The stand-alone converters are suited for remote locations requiring a single, cost-effective fiber link, and can be consolidated into a 19-inch rack system that holds from 4 to 12 units, allowing for utilization of a common product in the main or intermediate distribution frame and at the remote location. For those needing visibility into how their network is operating, a managed media conversion system is available. Tec-Optix offers a wide selection of media converters in multimode (10/100), singlemode (10/100), and gigabit (10/100/1000) to SX or LX with redundant-fiber-link that uses the Mini-GBIC Modules. These products offer installation flexibility for various transmission distances.

Fiber-optic converter system

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The PSI-MOS fiber-optic transmission system enables modular networking of all common serial interfaces using fiber-optic cables, including Profibus, Modbus, DeviceNet, CANopen, Interbus, and the most common electrical standards.Using multi-channel optical T-couplers, the devices' modular design allows stand-alone operation. Converters mount on a standard DIN rail with T-bus connectors, providing automatic data andpower sharing, and feature enhancedoptical range for polymer, hard-cladsilica (HCS), multimode, and singlemode fiber. Integrated line diag-nostics give feedback on signal quality during the initial setup, eliminating the need for testing optical lines during installation. A local LED or remote-dry contact providesearly warning if a defined minimumpower level is reached. Modules can be used in line, star, and tree top-ology structures. When greater sec-urity is required, they can be used in redundant structures.

T-1/E-1 solutions

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Enhancements to the iConverter T-1/E-1 and T-3/E-3 media converters are designed to provide different services over existing fiber access infrastructure. The portfolio of fiber media converters and network interface devices consists of modular converters and chassis that combine to provide a variety of configurations for central office and customer premises fiber deployments. In addition to T-1/E-1 and T-3/E-3, iConverters support 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet, OC3, OC12 and serial technologies. Enhancements include support for small-form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers, and a stand-alone version with universal AC and DC power options. Converters feature a built-in fiber tester for diagnosis of the remote unit, while SFP support enables adaptability to different fiber types and distances.

Component, TV video via Category 5, 5e, 6

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The Bobcat-CR offers component video and remote control on a single Category 5/6 cable. Distance capabilities are 200 feet with standard cable and 330 feet with low skew cable. It is designed for commercial and residential applications where customers want high-definition TV without set-top boxes, DVRs, and cables.

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The Lynx Video Network provides up to 134 channels of television on Category 5e cable. It can deliver modulated signals from a variety of video inputs, including CATV, satellite, off-air, DVD, and video camera sources. TVs can be added in new locations without pulling additional cable. This solution is designed for school, hospital, hotel, and residential installations.

Long-distance switching/bridging device

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The TC3240 10/100M 4-port Switching/Bridging Fiber Optic Ethernet Media Converter converts or connects 10/100Base-TX (UTP) networks to 100Base-FX (fiber-optic) networks. It includes a built-in switch that enables distances up to 100 kilometers without additional switch or router, and can be managed through any web browser,SNMP, Telnet or serial console. The TC3240 allows up to four different IP address aliases, manageable privilege levels for users, and is password-protected. An industrial version (-40° to80° C) is available for harsh environments, while a "one fiber, bi-directional" version is available for maximizing fiber-optic cable usage. The TC3240 provides 10/100 Mbits/sec suto-negotiation and automatically adapts to full or half-duplex mode. Transparent to the network, it is designed to operate effectively even during high-demand traffic loads.

Workstation copper-to-fiber converter

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Volition copper-to-fiber media converter (VOL-M100FX-AN) operates at 100 Mbits/sec, and can tap into power via a computer's USB port. It converts 100Base-TX copper transmission to a 100Base-FX fiber link at the workstation. Devices can be powered either by a provided switching power supply, or a USB power connection with the providedcable, which reduces AC power cord clutter under the desktop.

Video/audio/data-to-fiber bit driver

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S.I. Tech Model 2829 is designed for CCTV security systems, hospitals, large complexes, training rooms, security, and other applications where high quality(digital video imaging), 2-way comm-unication, and pan/tilt/zoom camera control is required. It is suitable for various formats, such as composite video (CVBS), S-Video, NTSC, and PAL video standards for global applications. Audio can be mono or stereo. Data rates up to 115.2 Kbits/sec is supported with various interface protocols, such as RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, and TTL. Video can be black-and-white or full color. The Model 2829 can also be used with multimode or singlemodefiber (long distances), and 1 or 2 fibers iflimited fibers are available.

Gigabit Ethernet solution

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GFEB-120 media converters integrate legacy 10/100 UTP devices into a Gigabit Ethernet fiber network. These copper-to-fiber media converters replace the company's GFEB-100 series. New features include bandwidth allocation, virtual cable test on UTP port, IEEE 802.1q VLAN tagging and double tagging (Q in Q), IEEE 802.1P QoS, IPv4 Tos/DiffServ, IPv6 traffic class, port-based VLAN to allow unidirectional transmission, RMON counters for each port, Digital Diagnostic Monitoring interface (DMI), and the ability to remotely update firmware. Converters are are offered in both stand-alone and Point System chassis card formats.

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