Seminar sizes up copper and fiber cabling for 10G

Unshielded and shielded copper, singlemode or multimode fiber? Webinar aims to help users decide.

A web-delivered seminar to be hosted by Cabling Installation & Maintenance on Wednesday, August 31 will describe the circumstances under which unshielded twisted-pair copper cabling, foiled or shielded twisted-pair copper cabling, and multimode or singlemode fiber-optic cabling represents the preferred choice for 10-Gbit/sec data transmission.

The seminar is entitled "Unshielded, Shielded and Optical Cabling Options for High-Speed Transmission" and will be approximately one hour in duration. Paul Vanderlaan, technical manager at Nexans' advanced design and applications lab, will present on copper media. Doug Coleman, manager of technology and standards for private networks with Corning Cable Systems, will present on optical media. Cabling Installation & Maintenance described the backdrop for the seminar as follows: "In enterprise-network backbones and data center LANs today, the transmission-speed upgrade taking place most frequently is from 1-Gbit/sec to 10-Gbits/sec. Designers, users and managers have several considerations to make when migrating from 1- to 10-Gbit/sec speeds. Among these considerations is the type of structured cabling system that will support such high-speed transmission."

You can find out more information about the seminar here or register for it here.

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