Panduit: Our multimode fiber system overcomes dispersion

Jan. 12, 2011
Company says that unlike other multimode systems, its deals with both chromatic and modal dispersion.

Panduit says its new Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling System compensates for both types of dispersion - modal and chromatic - to provide both long reach and design flexibility for fiber-optic cabling systems. Fiber division manager Ian Brown says, "We are very excited about the availability of this new product. The work conducted by the Panduit Labs Research and Development Team fully demonstrates the Panduit commitment to thought leadership and technology leadership by providing solutions to customers and partners that would not otherwise be available to them if they simply used standards-based fiber media."

The company says, "Other multimode fiber-optic cabling systems strive to minimize just the effects of modal dispersion, only to eventually become limited by chromatic dispersion. The Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling System is designed to counterbalance both of these dispersive effects and therefore minimize total dispersion."

The result, Panduit says, is that users of this system can use multimode fiber where they may have previously had to use singlemode, resulting in capex savings. Users may also use the Signature Core system to implement advanced next-generation data center architectures because of the ability to deploy more connectors in the channel, Panduit adds, simplifying moves-adds-changes by increasing design options for technology growth.

The development of this system, addressing both modal and chromatic dispersion, resulted from years of research, the company says. It adds that the compensation technology requires a fundamentally more sophisticated algorithm than previously employed to model the effects of both modal and chromatic dispersion. The revised model and resulting compensation algorithm have been extensively validated by internal testing, Panduit says.

Read the article The fundamentals of optical light sources and transmission, which explains modal and chromatic dispersion.

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