Guide aids in multimode-fiber selection

Best practices for specification, as well as information about mixing multimode types, are highlighted.

A collection of articles originally published in Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine is meant to guide users who are soon to make decisions about using multimode fiber-optic cabling in their networks. The collection, entitled "Considerations for Selecting and Using Multimode Fiber," is sponsored by optical-fiber manufacturer OFS. It includes three articles originally published in the magazine, one of which was authored by an OFS product manager. The guide also includes a white paper written by an OFS engineer.

The guide takes an overall look at considerations users should make before specifying multimode fiber. It then turns specific attention to 50- and 62.5-micron multimode fiber, telling a cautious tale about mixing the two types. Following that it provides a viewpoint-style article on bend-insensitive multimode fiber. Those three articles are followed by the OM4 paper.

Anyone can download the collection by providing their contact information.

Download the guide here.

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