Manual covers fiber-optic network design

Aug. 28, 2012
The latest manual from Pearson Technologies is a 245-page publication developed from training more than 4,000 students over 13 years.

The newest manual from Eric Pearson of Pearson Technologies is entitled Mastering Fiber Optic Network Design. The 245-page manual presents the process of designing a fiber-optic network in 14 steps, 19 chapters, 242 figures and 66 tables.

It can be used as a training manual, Pearson notes, and has 233 review questions for that purpose. It also comes with 29 spreadsheets and checklists that simplify the design process. Those spreadsheets also can be purchased separately as Excel files.

Pearson developed the manual during the training of more than 4,400 design students over the past 13 years. The organization explains that the manual simplifies and accelerates the fiber-optic network design process in the following 9 ways.

  1. Leads the designer through an organized and logical, 14-step process.
  2. Provides an extensive list of specifications that the designer needs to consider for each component.
  3. Provides typical values for these specifications.
  4. Identifies the situations in which such specifications are appropriate.
  5. Provides a package of forms the designer can use during design activities. These forms accelerate the design process by including information that would take months to develop.
  6. Includes subjects, such as range testing and certification strategies, that are not found elsewhere.
  7. From conversations with more than 10,000 designers, end users, installers, fiber-optic professionals and clients, the manual includes the lessons learned both by successful design activities and by oversights.
  8. Includes many practical considerations.
  9. Provides review questions for most chapters, so the designer can test understanding of the material presented.

The manual's cost is $69. It can be ordered from Amazon here. Or anyone interested can email the author directly here.

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