Panduit demos 40-GbE transmission over 1-km multimode fiber

At Cisco Live, Panduit is demonstrating an "unprecedented" long-distance transmission 40 GbE over 1 kilometer of multimode optical fiber.

At Cisco Live in San Diego (June 10-14), Panduit is demonstrating an "unprecedented" long-distance transmission of 40-Gigabit Ethernet (40 GbE) over 1 kilometer of multimode optical fiber.

The demonstration uses the 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ Ethernet optical modules from Avago Technologies, with traffic generated and verified by an Ixia XM2 chassis outfitted with an Xcellon-Lava dual-speed 40/100GE Higher Speed Ethernet load module. Panduit's Signature Core multimode fiber cabling and low-loss MTP connectors account for the demonstration's physical layer component.

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Panduit contends that its Signature Core fiber optic cabling system maintains superior signal integrity compared with other types of multimode fiber, providing network architects with the flexibility to deploy less expensive multimode versus more expensive singlemode links, for potential savings in excess of $1,000 per link. Additionally, the company claims the enhanced performance of its Signature Core multimode fiber can enlarge the physical area of a 40 GbE-based fabric architecture by a minimum of 25%, enabling data center managers to position the data center physical infrastructure for rapid future growth.

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