Fiber-optic cables feature DuPont's Kevlar technology

New line of water-blocking fiber-optic cables incorporates DuPont’s Kevlar technology.

Fiber-Line Inc. has developed a new line of fiber-optic cables that incorporates DuPont’s proprietary Kevlar technology. The fiber-optic cables, aimed at broadband communications and above-ground installation applications, combine Fiber-Line’s Swellcoat water-blocking technology with the strength and protection that DuPont's Kevlar AP provides, the companies say.

"Fiber-Line and DuPont have worked closely together on these protective solutions since our company was born in 1987," says Vince Pappas, Fiber-Line president and CEO. "We know DuPont Kevlar well and we've created a joint solution that brings a new offering to the cable industry -- it combines the benefits of Kevlar and Kevlar AP with our Swellcoat technology to make products that our customers need."

Fiber-Line estimates that the fiber-optic cable industry is growing at more than 30% annually in such growth markets such as Russia, Latin America, and China.

"Advanced protective materials are important to DuPont, and our work with Fiber-Line is a great example of how we re-invent our offerings every day," comments Thomas G. Powell, president of DuPont Protection Technologies. "As populations and economies grow, they need critical communications flow that is reliable. Kevlar AP provides a new twist on an essential product to create a higher performing solution -- one that helps us make broadband cable more accessible to people around the world."

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