Technical resource answers bend-optimized fiber FAQs

April 24, 2012
OFS has released a new technical resource white paper authored by David Mazzarese.

OFS has released a new technical resource white paper, authored by David Mazzarese, entitled Bend-Optimized Fiber FAQs. An abstract of the paper is as follows:

"As today's FTTx networks push optical fiber to single-family homes and multiple dwelling units, they require smaller distribution cabinets and compact fiber manangment systems, where fiber is subject to a greater degree of bending. These conditions have put more stringent demands than ever before on the bend performance of single-mode fibers.

However, the need to maintain a very high degree of mechanical reliability hasn't changed. An understanding of the design and performance of bend-optimized fiber will help the user make a more informed decision in specifying a fiber that can support tighter bends but still be very reliable."

Technical questions addressed by the document include:

What is "bend-optimized" fiber?

What’s the difference between macrobending and microbending?

For bend-sensitive applications, are there factors beyond bend optimization that must be considered?

Has the industry developed a new standard for bend-optimized single-mode fiber?

Download the white paper here.

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