Corning Cable Systems' Pretium 550 meets OM4

The cable achieves OM4's elevated performance levels for effective modal bandwidth and overfilled launch bandwidth.

September 21, 2009 -- Corning Cable Systems has announced that its LANscape Pretium 550 cable solutions are OM4 compliant, meeting the new OM4 standard for laser-optimized, high-bandwidth, 50-micron fibers recently approved by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

Bandwidth requirements for the new OM4 standard are identical to OM3 except for the 850-nm values. At 850 nm, both the laser-based effective modal bandwidth (EMB) and the legacy overfilled launch (OFL) bandwidth are increased from the OM3 requirements. The increased EMB bandwidth supplements system margin and extends distance for 10G in addition to 40G and 100G, as evidenced by the IEEE's recent approval of a task force to develop guidance for 40G and 100G Ethernet data rates.

The growth of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video, virtualization and convergence are driving the need for higher data rates and, subsequently, a new standard. According to the company, the Pretium 550 OM4-compliant cabling solutions provide a pathway to future-proof networks by ensuring that bandwidth requirements are met or exceeded.

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