Bend-insensitive fiber now standard in Corning Cable Systems 50-micron cable

Introduced by Corning Optical Fiber in January 2009, ClearCurve is now a standard component in all LANscape 50-micron cables and cable assemblies.

October 30, 2009Corning ClearCurve multimode fiber, a bend-insensitive multimode optical fiber introduced in January 2009, is now the standard product offering for all of Corning Cable Systems’ LANscape 50-micron cables and cable assemblies.

“Data center and enterprise applications can benefit from the improved bend performance of cables with ClearCurve multimode fiber,” Corning Cable Systems said when announcing that the fiber is now a standard component of its cable offerings. “LANscape cables with ultra-bendable performance offer a minimum bend radius as small as five times the outer diameter of the cable in some designs, compared to ten times in traditional cables. Thus, tight bend situations experienced in local area network and data center environments that would result in elevated attenuation with traditional 50-micron cables and adversely impact system performance, experience minimal attenuation increase with the new LANscape cables enabled by ClearCurve multimode fiber.”

Corning Cable Systems has reduced its 850-nanometer cable-attenuation specification for several of its LANscape designs, with the inclusion of the ClearCurve fiber. The new 850-nm attenuation specification allows spare margin in network loss budgets for building and campus backbones, and increased flexibility in network design, the company says.

The company further states that ClearCurve multimode fibers are compliant and backward-compatible with relevant OM2, OM3, and OM4 industry standards for laser-optimized fiber. In April 2009, Corning Cable Systems introduced the Pretium Low-loss OM3 Jumpers with “ultra-bend performance,” which the company says can significantly reduce outages and degradation in systems caused by severe bending.

In June 2009, Corning Cable Systems announced its Evolved Density Growth Enabled (EDGE) suite of data center products, which are enabled by ClearCurve multimode fiber. Now ClearCurve multimode fiber is the company’s standard product offering for 50-micron LANscape cables and assemblies.

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