Bend-insensitivity now standard in General Cable's NextGen 50-micron multimode cable

General's OM2, OM3, and OM4 multimode fiber is now ultra-bendable.

General Cable has re-engineered its NextGen line of 50-micron multimode fiber to include Corning's ClearCurve glass technology. ClearCurve OM2, OM3, and OM4 multimode optical fiber now comes standard in all of General Cable's NextGen fiber-optic cables with BI, BE, BL, and BM glass types.

"ClearCurve's improved bending performance will provide greater reliability in NextGen fiber solutions compared to current options, allowing for increased installation margins for the end user," General Cable stated when announcing this cable improvement. "These cables are designed specifically for more-challenging data center and enterprise applications where tight-bend situations in local area network and data cetner environments may exist. General Cable's NextGen cables featuring ClearCurve multimode fiber will experience minimal increases in attenuation even when exposed to severe bnding requirements."

Greg Carnes, product manager of fiber optics with General Cable, added, "Our NextGen fiber cables with ClearCurve are fully standards-compliant. They are also completely backwards compatible with the installed base and may be connectorized with standard equipment."

Watch video of General Cable's VP Bob Kenny discussing advances in cable technology.

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