Tactical fiber cable enables HD newscasts

Called CopperHead, a new product set is all about optical and nothing about twisted pairs.

It might be called CopperHead, but the latest technology development from Telecast Fiber Systems is all about tactical fiber cables and how they enable broadcast news organizations to cover breaking news in HD. The CopperHead 3050 is a fiber-optic transceiver that mounts directly to a broadcast camera and, according to the company, enables news organizations "to cover breaking news with the highest quality HD video and pristine audio over thousands of feet of lightweight and inexpensive tactical fiber cable." The company adds that with these cables, live shots will not be interrupted by cable failures because the TAC series is a mil-spec cable that is battlefield rated.

While the CopperHead 3050 camera unit is sandwiched between the camera and its battery system, a 10/100 Ethernet connection links a reporter to the production truck for routing their newsroom computer system or the Internet.

Telecast's director of product management Jim Hurwitz managed to praise CopperHead, trash copper, and praise fiber in one quote. He said, "Never before has it been so easy or so cost-effective for stations to cover the news in HD without the distance limitations, weight or worry of copper cable. With this system, robust and reliable fiber-optic connectivity is now practical and affordable for news gathering at stations of all sizes and budgets."

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