New self-supporting fiber cable

The all-dielectric self-supporting cable provides multiple fiber options for pole-to-pole installs.

Ideal for pole-to-pole installations, the all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable line from Draka Communications Americas was recently expanded. The newest cable in this product line is the Draka Ultra Light ADSS; the manufacturer says it offers lighter weight, a smaller diameter, and a more cost-effective design than other options for short pole-to-pole span distances.

Multiple fiber options are available for the cable, including enhanced singlemode, bend-insensitive singlemode, long-distance fibers and multimode. Ultra Light ADSS is available with up to 30 fibers and can reach maximum span distances of 430 feet. Draka says the cable is compliant with and tested to industry requirements including IEEE 1222, RUS 7 CRF 1755, ICEA 640 and Telcordia GR-20.

Product manager for outside plant products Jim Ryan says this cable can reduce total cost of ownership and simultaneously maintain network reliability. Its introduction, he adds, is a result of listening to customers.

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