High-density fiber-trunk distribution cable

Plenum-rated cable contains up to 12 fibers and is suitable for MPO termination.

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Berk-Tek recently introduced the Aramid Connect Plenum (ACP) high-density distribution fiber-optic cable. Developed to provide a small cable diameter suitable for termination with MPO connectors, ACP cable has a 3.0-mm diameter and contains up to 12 color-coded fibers, each with a nominal 250-micron coating. The cable carries a plenum (optical fiber nonconductive plenum or OFNP) listing and, the company says, provides a compact, flexible structure for use where space is limited. With no preferential bend, the round design provides a significant mechanical advantage over a ribbon cable, Berk-Tek says.

The construction is similar to Berk-Tek's Adventum cable, which contains 12 fibers in a 3.0-mm tube. The ACP design, however, includes aramid yarn within the tube along with the optical fibers, rahter than around the tube. This feature provides a smaller diameter and simpler method to add strength to the MPO termination, the company says.

"This design provides out customers with the ability to manufacture higher-density trunk cables when an indoor/outdoor design is not needed," explains Mike Connaughton, RCDD, fiber optic products business manager at Berk-Tek. "This is especially convenient when the cable is to be used in relatively short lengths where the pulling strength of an outside-plant cable is unnecessary. In a typical data center, the distance is often less than 100 feet."

Targeted for the data center market, the ACP fiber-optic cable is also suitable for other applications, Berk-Tek notes. Available options include 4, 6 or 12 fibers within the cable; singlemode, OM2 through OM4 50-micron and OM1 62.5-micron multimode fibers; and aluminum or steel interlocked armor (optical fiber conductive plenum or OFCP listed).

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