8-port, 802.3bt PoE switch

Microsemi says its 480-watt fanless 8-port, PoE++ switch is ideal for smart lighting systems

Microsemi's PDS-408G PoE switch can provide 60W of power on all 8 ports simultaneously, or as much as 90W on a single port.
Microsemi's PDS-408G PoE switch can provide 60W of power on all 8 ports simultaneously, or as much as 90W on a single port.

Microsemi, a subsidiary of Microchip Technology Inc., recently introduced an 8-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch that the company says provides guaranteed power of 60 watts per port for all 8 ports simultaneously. “Ideal for digital ceiling installations, the IEEE 802.3bt-compliant PDS-408G PoE switch runs noise-free with a fanless design,” the company said.

Microsemi further explained that the PDS-408G is designed for enterprise-connected lighting applications, and connects separate systems such as lighting, sensors, HVAC and WiFi access points over a single switch. It added that the 8 PoE ports are “the optimal amount for connected lighting, and offers end applications additional cost savings from energy savings and lower operating expenses.”

Compliant with IEEE 802.3bt, the PDS-408G provides a total of 480 watts, including up to 90 watts for any individual port or 60 watts for 8 ports simultaneously.

The switch is plenum-rated and can be installed in any air-handling space, which Microsemi said makes it “ideal for digital ceiling installations.” The company added, “Its fanless design provides the features needed for buildings that require noise-free and reliable operation, such as offices, hospitals and hotels. The PDS-408G also provides other proven advantages of PoE, including safe power, simple installation, flexible deployment and remote power management.”

Rich Simoncic, senior vice president of Microchip’s analog, discrete and power business unit, commented, “Demand for Power over Ethernet in connected lighting systems has accelerated, and our new PoE switch is designed specifically for the needs of these applications. The PDS-408G continues Microchip’s leadership in PoE technology, providing an IEEE 802.3bt-compliant solution that provides almost six times the amount of power than the original PoE standard.”

The PDS-408G’s suggested retail price is $980.

The company also pointed out that developers can use the PDS-408G switch alongside its other 8- and 32-bit PIC and AVR microcontrollers at the end node.        

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