20-port Gigabit managed switches support industrial, harsh environment applications

Aug. 14, 2019
Applications for the LMP-2004G-SFP and LMX-2004G-SFP series switches include manufacturing automation, security/surveillance, power/utility, transportation, and more.
Antaira Technologies
Lmp Lmx 2004 G Sfp

Antaira Technologies (Brea, CA) announced an expansion of its industrial networking infrastructure offering with the introduction of the LMP-2004G-SFP and LMX-2004G-SFP series of 20-port Ethernet switches, comprising industrial-grade hardware ready to fulfill various markets’ edge-level networking applications in harsh and outdoor environments, such as manufacturing automation, security/surveillance, power/utility, water wastewater treatment plants, oil/gas/mining, and transportation.

The company says the new devices support high-density Ethernet port connectivity, wide bandwidth, long distance data transmission, and have a superb reliability factor.

Per Antaira:  "In Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), roadside intersections require north/south and east/west fiber connectivity. The LMX-2004G-SFP Series is ideal for this application. Often times there may be older 100Mbps fiber links in place that need more modern 1000Mbps links. The LMX-2004G-SFP devices can support the existing link with 100Mbps SFPs installed and will run at 1000Mpbs speeds when faster SFPs are placed at both ends of the fiber. This makes migrating from a 100Mbps fiber backbone to 1000Mbps possible by not changing out all the switches at one time.

"Some applications require daisy chaining switches together to achieve a cost-effective solution. When each of the switches in the chain has a high density of ports like Antaira’s LMP-2004G-SFP, the aggregated bandwidth may exceed a standard 1000Mbps fiber port. Link Aggregation Configuration Protocol (LACP), sometimes called port trunking, can help with this issue by combining two one-Gig ports to effectively gain a two-Gig pipe. If the switches are being daisy-chained and there is a need for LACP, then the applications will require more than two SFP ports. Fortunately, the LMP-2004G-SFP has four SFP ports which makes it a great fit for this type of application.

"Fiber interfaces give the ability to extend a network out past traditional buildings, across campuses, and even towns. At the same time, it is difficult to maintain the networking equipment. Managed switches are critical in controlling and predicting failures on the network as well as determining when and where issues reside. Redundancy can be built into the network using Spanning Tree or other redundant features available with Antaira’s managed switches."

For more details about Antaira Technologies’ industrial Gigabit managed switches, visit www.antaira.com; or contact the company toll-free at 1-844-268-2472.

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